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In Memory of Carl Bauer

Carl GRAZERS Memory Square.png

In loving memory of Carl Bauer, a remarkable soul who touched the lives of so many. We fondly remember his heartfelt kindness, gentle nature, and infectious laughter.

Carl was an amazing father, true friend, patient teacher, caring boss, and loving partner who brought joy to every role he played.

His impact was immeasurable, leaving a lasting legacy through his unwavering commitment to goodness, generosity, and genuine care for others.


May his memory be a source of inspiration, reminding us to always be grateful and focus on the positive. Let his legacy continue to make a difference in the lives of all who knew him and those who learn about his impact from others. His values, actions, and contributions will endure, making a difference in the lives of others for years to come.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support throughout this devastating time. We are grateful! 


All donations to GRAZERS Restaurant will directly support Carl & Stacey's mission to make a difference in the world through Healthy Food and Allergen Friendly Options! 

Donations can also be made to Carl's daughter Evie to help with her Oberlin College expenses. Use the links below, drop off at GRAZERS or visit Streetsboro or any Chase Bank branch.

Donations can also be dropped off or mailed to:
GRAZERS Restaurant
123 N. Water St. 
Kent, OH 44240

Support for GRAZERS can also be made by Ordering Online, Dining with us, and sharing with your Family and Friends.

Watch Stacey's interview with Channel 19 News using the YouTube link above. 

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